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Overview of the Sponsor

About Sekisui House

  • Established in 1960, Sekisui House is a house manufacturer with a wealth of experience in development and operation in the developer business, developing rental housing, housing complex development, renovation, overseas business, and a wide range of other businesses related to the creation of a living environment that will pursue prosperity for the next era, starting with the custom detached houses business. Currently, under the global vision Sekisui House announced in 2020 to “make home the happiest place in the world”, Sekisui House aims to create value for residents in the era of the 100-year lifespan and steadily transform into a global company that offers integrated technologies, lifestyle design and services based on the residential domain.
  • Sekisui House develops a growth strategy specializing in “housing” based on the four business models of “Built-to-Order Business”, ”Supplied Housing Business”, “Development Business” and “Overseas Business”.
Built-to-Order Business A business that undertakes the construction of detached houses or rental housing on land owned by clients.
Supplied Housing Business A business that mainly involves remodeling existing houses and supporting management of rental housing by subletting real estate.
Development Business A business that starts with the acquisition of land and other upfront investment to contribute to the development of high-quality towns with lush greenery.
Overseas Business A business that provides the overseas (the United States, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and China) housing market with the quality and advanced technologies cultivated in Japan.
  • Since its establishment, Sekisui House has grown while contributing to the resolution of social issues. Its history can be divided into two 30-year phases: Phase 1 was to improve housing performance with a focus on safety and security, and Phase 2 was to develop advanced technologies to focus on comfort and eco-friendliness. Now, while continuing with initiatives from the first two phases, Phase 3 will be about providing high added value with a focus on health, connectedness and learning for the happiness of residents. By offering new services, Sekisui House aims to build homes that support happiness in the era of the 100-year lifespan.

Features of Sekisui House

1.Building a “solid customer base” boasting the world’s largest cumulative number of dwellings built

2.Objective of becoming a leading company in ESG management

“Sustainability Vision 2050”

Sekisui House Group announced its “2050 Vision” targeting net zero CO2 emissions from housing and shifted the management focus to decarbonization ahead of other companies. In FY 2016, Sekisui House Group formulated the “Sustainability Vision 2050”, a long-term vision for 2050 in a broader range of business domains in preparation for further environmental changes in the future.

Click here for the “Sustainability Vision 2050”

“Gohon no Ki” Project

The “Gohon no Ki" Project is based on the idea that “three trees are for birds, two trees are for butterflies, and all are local native tree species”. Among the native species in the region, the project proposes plants that are particularly closely related to birds and butterflies and can be used as garden trees as “Gohon no Ki”.

Click here for the “Gohon no Ki” Project

3.“Technical capabilities” and “Construction capabilities” derived technology of Sekisui House

“Technical capabilities”

Environmental techniques such as Green First ZERO which aims to achieve zero-energy balance, original techniques such as SHEQAS, a seismic energy-absorbing system that demonstrates safety and security, and "Airkis" to control indoor chemical substances.

Click here for the “Green First ZERO”
Click here for the "SHEQAS" and "Airkis"

“Construction capabilities”

Introduced an accountable construction system through Sekisui House Construction companies, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Sekisui House, along with a high loyalty cooperation system by the Sekisui House Association.

Click here for the “Construction capabilities”

Developments of Sekisui House’s Main Residential Properties and Transaction Results

Developments of Sekisui House’s Main Residential Properties

(As of the end of April, 2024)

Property Name
(Including Temporary Name)
Location Units
Total Floor
7 properties
(746 Units)
Prime Maison Yokohama WEST Yokohama-shi,
145 8,700.56
ZEHPrime Maison Morishita WEST Koto-ku,
144 7,061.54
ZEHPrime Maison Kiyosumishirakawa Koto-ku,
75 2,999.69
ZEHPrime Maison Kamata Ota-ku,
141 5,793.71
ZEHPrime Maison Nihonbashibakurocho Chuo-ku,
45 2,076.31
ZEHPrime Maison Yoga Kinutakoen Setagaya-ku,
122 6,303.39
ZEHPrime Maison Iriya Taito-ku,
74 3,533.01
4 properties
(394 Units)
ZEHPrime Maison Kiyosumi Koto-ku,
42 1,459.00
ZEHPrime Maison Kinshicho Sumida-ku,
85 3,976.00
ZEHPrime Maison Nishishinjuku Shinjuku-ku,
104 4,344.00
ZEHPrime Maison Minamiazabu Minato-ku,
163 18,582.90
7 properties
ZEHAll properties are in Tokyo 23 wards and ZEH properties
  • As of April 30, 2024, SHR has no specific plans to acquire the unacquired assets described on this page. In addition, acquisition by SHR is not obligated nor guaranteed.

Recent Transaction Results (Including acquisition from Sekisui House Real Estate Companies etc.)

(As of the end of April, 2024)

■Acquisition from Sekisui House
 └Prime Maison Nakameguro(2022)
 └Prime Maison Itabashi(2022)
 └Prime Maison EGOTANOMORI(2022)
 └Prime Maison Waseda dori(2022)
 └Prime Maison Yushima (2024)
 └Prime Maison Nakanosakaue (2024)
 └Prime Maison Honancho (2024)
 └Prime Maison Monzennakacho (2024)
 └Prime Maison Nishiwaseda (2024)
 └Prime Maison Asakusa EAST (2024)
 └Prime Maison Sakurashinmachi (2024)

■Acquisition from Sekisui House Group
 └Esty Maison HIGASHIBETSUIN(2021)
 └Esty Maison Kayaba(2021)
 └Esty Maison SHIRAKABEMINAMI(2021)

■Disposition to Sekisui House
 └The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto(2022)

“Prime Maison” series

Sekisui House plans and develops a number of rental condominiums in the “Prime Maison” series, and SHR can consider acquiring them in the future.

  • Acquisition by SHR is not obligated nor guaranteed.

Collaboration with the Group/Support System

Support System of Sekisui House

  • In addition to providing pipelines, support will include sharing know-how in real estate management and supporting the redevelopment of owned assets
  • Implementation of asset replacement through good relationships and provision of warehousing functions

Preferential negotiation rights with Sekisui House Real Estate Companies (6 Companies)

  • Preferential negotiation rights for sales of domestic real estate, etc. owned and developed by Sekisui House Real Estate Companies (6 Companies)
  • Provision of information on domestic properties owned and developed by third parties(Sekisui House Real Estate Tokyo)
  • Securing access to housing in major cities nationwide

Sekisui House ownership of SHR’s investment units (same boat investment)

  • Initiatives that link to unitholder interests through Sekisui House ownership of SHR’s investment units

(As of the end of October, 2023)