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Executive Director : Atsuhiro Kida

Atsuhiro Kida
Executive Director

I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued and loyal patronage.

Sharing a corporate philosophy with Sekisui House, the sponsor, SHR is a diversified REIT with core assets in residential properties and office buildings under the vision of “managing assets to better provide for people, society and the future” and “maximize unitholder value/provide high quality social capital/a REIT that leads the way into an era of the 100-year lifespan”.

The portfolio development policy has changed to have residential assets account for 70% or more of the entire portfolio, 30% or less in office building, etc., and of the residential portfolio up to 30% may be acquired in the U.S. SHR acquired its first U.S. residential property in May 2024.

Sekisui House, the sponsor, has accumulated a great deal of experience and achievements in the U.S. urban rental housing (multi-family) development business. By capturing U.S. residential property with high growth potential in addition to core domestic residential properties, SHR can take full advantage of the Sekisui House Group's real estate development and management capabilities, etc. to achieve "stable growth" in Japan as well as "proactive growth" in the U.S. and aim to maximize unitholder's value.

In terms of ESG initiatives, in recognition of past efforts, SHR has received high evaluation from external evaluation organizations, including a score of “A-” within the highest leadership level, in CDP Climate Change Assessment. SHR will continue proactive ESG initiatives in the future.

I sincerely ask for the continued support and encouragement of our unitholders.