Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

External Growth Strategy

Utilize Sponsor Support

Expand asset size by utilizing the pipeline support Secure opportunities to invest in overseas real estate
Pipeline Support by Sekisui House
  • Grant of preferential negotiation rights with regard to the sale of domestic real estate, etc. owned or developed by Sekisui House
  • Provision of information on domestic real estate, etc. owned or developed by third parties
  • Provision of warehousing functions
  • Support for redevelopment of owned properties

Utilize Proprietary Know-how of the Asset Management Company

Source properties from third parties through the proprietary channels
Sourcing through the Asset Management Company’s Proprietary Channels
  • Utilization of the know-how and information gathering networks proprietary to the members who have experiences in urban redevelopment business and asset management of J-REIT at Sekisui House

Urban Development Capabilities of Sekisui House

Sekisui House, the sponsor, is one of the leading housing manufacturers representing Japan, and has also accumulated abundant development and management achievements over recent years in the developer business represented by the urban redevelopment business.

For more details of the urban development business by Sekisui House, please refer to this.

Internal Growth Strategy

Internal Growth by the Asset Management Company

Property management based on the tenant relations Operation management by utilizing know-how possessed by Sekisui House
Initiatives to maintain and improve the real estate value through renovation and value enhancement measures Smooth asset management through introduction of the master-lease format
Sponsor Support by Sekisui House
  • Provision of property management services for owned assets
  • Provision of know-how and services related to operation management of highly value-added real estate possessed by Sekisui House
  • Upon acquiring properties that have been built for a certain period of time, coordination in terms of strategies such as renovation and value enhancement, etc. after acquisition of such properties
  • Investigation and discussion regarding such matters as execution of master lease agreements in formats responding to the property characteristics

Know-How Possessed by Sekisui House

  • Tenant relations, information networks regarding invitation of new tenants, marketing ability and real property management ability, etc.
  • Know-how on real estate operation management accumulated through such operations as office building business under the “Garden City” brand and rental residence business under the “Prime Maison” brand
  • Know-how on improving tenant satisfaction through provision of high-quality services and flexible responses to tenant requirements from the viewpoint of the tenant companies
  • Technologies and know-how, including energy saving and eco-friendly considerations, that contribute to renovation and value enhancement of properties

Sekisui House Reit provides safe and comfortable investments and spaces to the tenants’ employees and their customers visiting the properties in order to improve their satisfaction and, by doing so, aims to secure stable earnings and achieve growth of the investment assets.