Portfolio Development Policy

Portfolio Development Policy by Asset Type and by Country (Japan/Overseas)

Sekisui House Reit positions commercial properties that are mainly used as office buildings, retail properties or hotels, etc. as its central investment targets. In particular, it places a focus on investing in commercial properties that are mainly used as office buildings. In terms of geographical areas for investment, it will make investments primarily in Japan, while also seeking investments abroad. The table below indicates the investment ratio criteria for each category.

Asset Type (Note 1) Japan Overseas (Note 2)
Office buildings 80% or more 80% or more Less than 20%
Retail properties and hotels, etc. Less than 20%
(Note 1) The investment targets are limited to properties that are mainly used for non-residential purposes. Furthermore, residential purposes include student dormitories, company houses and serviced housing for the elderly.
(Note 2) The investment ratio shall be calculated on an acquisition price basis.

Portfolio Development Policy by Area (Japan)

Sekisui House Reit positions the three major metropolitan areas (the Greater Tokyo, Osaka Area and Nagoya Area) as its major investment areas, and has determined the investment ratio criteria by area in Japan as indicated in the table below. With a concentration of many companies and workforces, major cities are the predominant arena of economic activities, and play a central role as a base for business and consumption activities. From this perspective, Sekisui House Reit believes that major cities have many prime properties that feature locations and functionality that meet tenant company requirements as sustainable bases of operations.

Area Ratio
3 major metropolitan areas 80% or more
Other areas Less than 20%