Investment Strategy

Investment in Commercial Properties Focused on Strategic Location and High Quality

Sekisui House Reit, focused on the factors that tenant companies seeking sustainable bases of operations look for in real estate, believes that for the managers, employees, and customers of these tenant companies, properties potentially fulfilling the following three criteria make for investment targets that are in continuous and solid demand, highly competitive, and can be expected to secure stable earnings over the medium to long term.

1.Characteristics of strategic location and functionality that aid in enhancing productivity and performance (corporate value), 2.Spaces that maintain business continuity and are safe and comfortable for all stakeholders, 3.Social responsibility that includes environmental friendliness aimed at establishing a sustainable society

Sekisui House Reit will make investments centering on prime properties – commercial properties situated in locations that meet tenant company requirements as sustainable bases of operations (strategic location) or that have high functionality including convenience (high quality).