Sustainability Policy

Sekisui House Reit, Inc. ("Sekisui House Reit") and its Asset Management Company, in recognition of the shared responsibility to contribute to the "realization of a sustainable society" in accordance with the "Sustainability Vision" advocated by Sekisui House, Ltd., conduct real estate investment management with due consideration given to the "environment," "society" and "governance" (collectively referred to as the "ESG"), with the objective of providing the "sustainable bases of operations" for the tenant companies’ business activities.

Specifically, the Asset Management Company has established its sustainability policy as described below, and shall comply with the policy and implement the policy objectives throughout its overall business operations.

Moreover, a Sustainability Committee sets up targets, monitors compliance and evaluates the effect of measures implemented, and investigates improvement measures on a regular basis.

  • 1.Compliance with ESG-related Laws, Regulations and Rules
    We implement in-house training for the purpose of enhancing knowledge with regard to ESG-related and other relevant laws, regulations and rules, and abide by such laws, regulations and rules in conducting real estate investment management with considerations given to ESG.
  • 2.Energy Conservation and Low Carbon Emission Measures
    In order to proactively implement our initiatives on energy conservation, we set up reduction targets for energy use at the properties owned by Sekisui House Reit in accordance with laws and regulations and go through the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to achieve the targets.
  • 3.Water Saving and Resource Saving Measures
    We proactively undertake measures against the depletion of resources by saving water use and implementing the three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle).
  • 4.Biodiversity
    In accordance with the "Gohon no ki" (Five Trees) project promoted by Sekisui House, Ltd., we conduct maintenance and management of planting and other greenery measures, centering on tree species with consideration given to the native vegetation and other ecosystem matters. By doing so, we aim to realize harmony with the nature and the surrounding environment.
  • 5.Comfort and Safety of Tenant Companies
    We not only provide convenient, safe and comfortable spaces that should contribute to enhancing the productivity of tenant companies but also, upon occurrence of disasters, promote provision of facilities that serve as "sustainable bases of operations" with considerations given to the tenant companies’ business continuity plans (BCPs).
  • 6.Contributing to Regions and Communities
    We create activity and prosperity by cooperating with local events and through other means, in an effort to find common interests with the regions and communities as well as to invigorate them.
  • 7.Supply Chain Management
    We adopt the perspectives of green procurement and corporate social responsibilities in our investment and management operations in order to promote ESG awareness through our supply chains.
  • 8.Information Disclosure
    While regularly monitoring our action measures, etc. regarding ESG, we disclose information concerning sustainability performance on our website and through other media. In addition, we will continue our efforts to acquire environmental certification and recognition from outside assessment agencies.
Environmental consideration
Five Out of Six Owned Properties Receiving DBJ Green Building Certifications Acquired High Rankings (5 Stars, 4 Stars)

Overview of DBJ Green Building Certification

The DBJ Green Building Certification program ( the "Program" ) is a program designated to identify excellent real estate in terms of meeting the demands of the present age by rating real estate using a scoring model developed independently by the Development Bank of Japan Inc. ( "DBJ" ) in an aim to increase and promote real estate that demonstrate consideration for not only the building's environmental performance but also disaster prevention, anticrime measures and other social requirements of various stakeholders surrounding real estate ( "Green Buildings" ).

Properties with the best class environmental & social awareness Properties with exceptionally high environmental & social awareness Properties with excellent environmental & social awareness Properties with high environmental & social awareness Properties with satisfactory environmental & social awareness
DBJ Green Building5 DBJ Green Building4 DBJ Green Building3 DBJ Green Building2 DBJ Green Building1
5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star

* For details regarding the "Program", please refer to the website(http://igb.jp/en/ ).

DBJ Green Building Certified Property

Assessment Rank
( TOP )

DBJ Green Building5
Garden City Shinagawa Gotenyama
Garden City Shinagawa Gotenyama LED照明
LED lighting
Solar power generation

Assessment Rank

DBJ Green Building4
Hommachi Minami Garden City Hommachi Garden City
Hommachi Minami Garden City Low-eベアガラス
Low-e double-glazed windows
Hommachi Garden City 屋上庭園
Rooftop garden
HK Yodoyabashi Garden Avenue
Hirokoji Garden Avenue
HK Yodoyabashi Garden Avenue LED lighting
LED lighting
Hirokoji Garden Avenue Planting of the entrance
Planting of the entrance

B   C   P
Preparing Facilities that Can Be
Utilized During Disasters
Garden City Shinagawa Gotenyama
Emergency power generation equipment
Emergency power
generation equipment
Quake-absorbing structure
Measures Leading to Enhanced
Productivity of Tenant Companies
Garden City Shinagawa Gotenyama
Rooftop greening
Rooftop greening

GRESB Survey Participation

Sekisui House Reit has participated in the GRESB* Survey since 2016, which evaluates sustainability efforts by real estate companies and real estate institutions.
Sekisui House Reit and its Asset Management Company will strive to improve their quality of the measures they will take in regards of sustainability.

*GRESB is a benchmark established by some European pension funds to measure consideration of the environment and society by real estate companies and real estate institutions. This benchmark is used by major institutional investors in Europe, North America and Asia to make investment decisions.