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O-007Akasaka Garden City

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Location 4-15-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Acquisition price 28,700 million yen
Structure / Floors S/SRC/RC, 19F/B2F
Total floor area 46,776.76 ㎡
Total leasable area 12,472.80 ㎡ (Note)
Completion January 2006
  • The section owned by Sekisui House Reit represents a 65.45% of the quasi co-ownership interest of the trust beneficiary interest in real estate with respect to the compartmentalized ownership interest in all of the exclusively-owned portions of the 1st floor below ground to 4th floor above ground and 11th to 19th floor above ground, as well as the accompanying right of site (ratio of right of site: 662,768/1,000,000 (approximately 66.3%)).

    “Leasable area” is the area calculated by multiplying the leasable area of the exclusively-owned portions u n de r compartmentalized ownership interest to be included in quasi-co-ownership of the trust beneficiary interest in real estate that will be acquired by SHR stated in Note 1 above multiplied by 65.45%, ratio of the quasi-co-ownership interest of the trust beneficiary interest in real estate to be acquired by SHR, each rounded to the second decimal place.

Property Characteristics

The property is located in the commercial district in the vicinity of Akasaka Goyochi, along the street near Aoyama Street, approximately eight-minute walk from each of “Akasaka-mitsuke” Station (where two lines are available), “Nagata-cho” Station (where three lines are available) and “Aoyama-itchome” Station (where three lines are available), and approximately nine-minute walk from “Akasaka” station, which altogether enables the use of seven subway lines of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, Hanzomon Line, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Chiyoda Line and Toei Oedo Line. It has excellent location condition with high accessibility.
The Akasaka area is a highly-concentrated business district in the center of Tokyo, adjacent to Kasumigaseki area and Nagata-cho area, where many government offices are located. The area also has a strong commercial presence, with various restaurants and shops and a commercial complex such as Akasaka Sacas. Luxury flats, hotels and embassies are located in the area as well, adding classiness to the district. The environment is great for offices and many foreign-owned corporations have their offices and headquarters in the area. A high level of tenant demand is expected from various business companies including IT, broadcasting, advertising and apparel.

Akasaka Garden City is a high-quality office building completed in 2006, with the façade that takes advantage of the natural color of gemstone materials. The standard floor area is approximately 470 tsubo of dividable, regular-shaped spaces without pillars, which allows a high multiplicity of uses. With the ceiling height of 2,800mm and the raised floor of 100mm, the space is open and bright. In addition to the telecommunication facilities compatible with various media including fiber optic line (private line) and metal line (public line), the property is equipped with indoor energy efficient facilities such as deep window sills that reduce the entry of direct sunlight into the room, low-E double-glazed glass (highly-insulating multi-layer glass) that has lesser solar heat gain coefficient than standard glass and controls the indoor temperature change caused by sunlight, four air-conditioning zones in one floor and double-layer roller blinds. Moreover, in case of a disaster, the building above ground has a rigid-frame iron structure with seismic control device that has a reputation for its resistance to earthquakes. An accumulator battery is installed for the emergency light in common space in case of power failure due to emergency and emergency generator will operate to maintain the minimum necessary operation of the building when the power cannot be restored soon. It also gives consideration to the business continuity plans (BCPs) of tenant companies, for whom continuous supply of electricity is necessary, with spaces for generators (maximum: 500kVA) for providing power in case of an emergency.

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