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R-112Esty Maison Yokohama-aobadai

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Location 2-28-1 and other, Aobadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Acquisition price 3,020 million yen
Structure / Floors North : RC / 3F, B1F South : RC / 6F, B1F
Total floor area 6,808.84 ㎡
Total leasable area 6,808.84 ㎡
Completion July 1990 (Note)
  • The property is comprised of two buildings, the “North” and the “South”, which were completed in different time. Therefore, as for the "completion", the completion date of the older building, "South" is indicated.

Property Characteristics

The property is comprised of two buildings, the “North” and the “South”.

The property is an approximately ten-minute walk for the North and nine-minute walk for South from “Aobadai” Station of Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line from which direct access to “Shibuya” Station and “Otemachi” Station is available. It also has good access to “Shin-Yokohama” Station where the JR Tokaido Shinkansen line and other two lines are available and “Yokohama” Station where eight lines are available. It provides great convenience and comfort for daily life with a large commercial complex and a large-scale park in the surrounding area. It is located within an approximately seven-minute walk to Sakuradai Park, a designated safety area for evacuation and close to Aobadai Junior High School, a designated disaster prevention center, ensuring ease of access in case of a disaster. Aoba-ku, where the property is located, is in the north-west end of Yokohama-shi and has developed into a commuter town since the opening of Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line in 1966. It is a quiet residential area with great access to Shibuya, Otemachi and Yokohama areas.

The North has three floors above ground and 32 units of 3LDK. It is equipped with separate washbasins, shoe shelves, video intercoms, security cameras and the auto lock system. The property also gives consideration to energy efficiency, having multi-layer glass and the air-conditioning system that meets the energy saving standards as standard equipment. The South has six floors above ground, one floor below ground (Note) and 39 units of 3LDK. Approximately 30 years have passed since completion, however, large-scale renovation work was carried out between November 2018 and March 2019, and the interior and facilities have been completely renovated to a level comparable to that of newly constructed or shallow rental apartments in the vicinity. The interior is all flooring and the color of flooring is harmonious with wallpaper, system kitchens, and other features. In addition, it is equipped with separate washbasins, video intercoms, unit bath with vent and dryer functions, bidet toilets and other facilities.

The demand is expected primarily from families who value the close distance to the city center, convenience for daily life and good residential environment, which is estimated to give the property advantages over competition. In addition, the property has been leased as a whole to a creditworthy tenant under a long-term lease at the time of acquisition and the long-term stable cash flow can be expected.

(Note) Though the above figures are shown in the hierarchical representation on the registry, because there is a difference in the level within the premises, this building has essentially four floors above ground and one floor below ground.

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