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Social Responsibility

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Contribution to Local Communities

SHR introduces equipment that is available to anyone in the event of an emergency, participates in local community events near its owned properties and takes other initiatives to deepen communications and harmoniously co-exist with local communities.

Disaster relief vending machines

Installed disaster relief vending machines that normally operate as regular vending machines where drinks can be purchased but that enable anybody to take out drinks for free at times of disasters and such at some residential properties.

Installation of AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

Installed AED in common areas of some properties for emergency aid.

TOPICS~ Examples of initiative for harmonious co-existence with local communities: Hommachi Garden City ~

We take initiatives for contributing to local communities by using pilotis and entrance halls of properties we own.

Safety and Security Measures for tenants, etc.

Introduction of disaster prevention facilities, etc.

We install and introduce equipment for the security and safety of tenant companies and residents, one by one or at certain properties.

〜Examples of Gotenyama Garden City〜

TOPICSInstallation of solar battery, storage battery, and emergency generator at Prime Maison Shinagawa

  • Prime Maison Shinagawa is a rental apartment that was developed by Sekisui House in response to rising concerns about power conservation and disaster prevention performance, in addition to the prevention of global warming, following the Great East Japan Earthquake. This property has an emergency power generator that was introduced to ensure a higher level of safety and security in the event of an emergency. The generator is connected with solar batteries and storage batteries, ready to serve as an emergency power supply system for use in the event of a blackout.

【 Conceptual Diagram of Emergency Power Supply System】

When power to Prime Maison Shinagawa is cut due to a natural disaster or similar event, the emergency power generator is activated and supplies power to common areas for approximately 19 hours. It can continue to supply power even longer when connected with solar batteries and storage batteries. As a result, some lights for common corridors and the entrance are illuminated, securing traffic lines and providing a sense of security even at night. In addition, the generator also supplies power to the electrical outlets in the entrance, where residents gather, allowing them to charge mobile phones and other devices. The generator also permits the collection of information via the monitor in the control room. Power is also supplied to the feed water pump. This means that water is supplied to common areas and dwelling units provided the water supply has not been cut off.

  • For the details of Prime Maison Shinagawa, please click here.

Conducting tenant satisfaction surveys

We intend not only to improve leasing and achieve stable operation but also to communicate and build a reliable relationship with tenants as well as conduct tenant satisfaction surveys to collect the opinions and requests of tenants, as needed. The results of the surveys are shared with the property management company, building management company, etc. and are used to enhance services.

Initiatives of the Asset Management Company

Promoting Diversity

In 2006, Sekisui House Group to which the Asset Management Company belongs declared as its basic human resource policy “Human Resources Sustainability,” supported by the three main pillars of “encouraging female employees to pursue career development,” “promoting a variety of work styles and work-life balance” and “utilization of various human resources.” Under this policy, efforts have been made to create an environment and mechanisms where employees can achieve sustainable growth alongside companies.

Initiatives on Cultivation of Human Resources

The basic philosophy of Sekisui House Group to which the Asset Management Company belongs regarding the cultivation of human resources is to nurture autonomous human resources through training and career building. It promotes the cultivation of human resources based on a new merit system by making business execution capability and roles (duties) & results the basis of the overall human resources system.

Sekisui House Group’s fundamental corporate philosophy is a love of humanity. It means we wish for the wellbeing of others and rejoice in their happiness. We believe that the cultivation of employees embodying a love for humanity will create a reliable company in society and become a driving force for realizing a sustainable society. Accordingly, we proactively promote the development of employee skills and cultivation of human resources.

The basic philosophy regarding the cultivation of human resources is to nurture autonomous human resources through training and career building. Sekisui House Group promotes the cultivation of human resources based on a new merit system by making business execution capability and roles (duties) & results the basis of the overall human resources system. In an attempt to improve the understanding and motivation among individual employees, we utilize a professional duties interview system that links development and evaluation by incorporating the PDCA cycle of goal-setting interview → business execution → interim interview → business execution → reflective interview → personnel assessment → evaluation feedback every fiscal year.

The Asset Management Company has made efforts to encourage employees to acquire qualifications such as “ARES Certified Master” (an educational program that systematically teaches practical expert know-how in the fields of real estate and finance). It bears the expenses for enhancing expertise through participation in training and taking of exams for acquiring various qualifications, maintaining of qualifications and attendance to various seminars.

In addition, the Asset Management Company regularly holds compliance training, human relations training (for human rights, abuse of authority and sexual harassment) and disaster drills with an aim to comprehend governance and human rights, improve the working environment and implement disaster prevention measures.

The average hours of training per person, the average amount of training investment and the number of qualification holders among the employees of the Asset Management Company is as follows (including employees seconded from sponsor, etc.)

Term:May 1, 2018 ~ October 31, 2018

Average hours of training per person 12.2 hours
Average amount of training investment per person 5,971 yen

(as of October 1, 2018)

Qualification Number of
ARES Certified Master 27
Real Estate Notary 26
Real Estate Appraiser 1
First-Class Certified Architect 1
Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan 1
Certified Building Administrator 8
MBA holders 1
Real Estate Consulting Master 2
CASBEE Accredited Professional 5

Creating a Comfortable Working Environment

The Asset Management Company has established Rules on the Health Committee and regularly holds meetings of the Health Committee with an aim to smoothly promote safety and health management activities of employees.

In addition, it regularly holds a workplace gathering to discuss requests of employees with an aim to enhance employee satisfaction by improving the working environment.

Promoting Employment of the Elderly

Sekisui House Group to which the Asset Management Company belongs has introduced a mandatory retirement age of 65 throughout the group and supports the success of the elderly to enable each employee to contribute energetically by demonstrating their motivation and skill to a greater extent and for a longer time.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Sekisui House Group to which the Asset Management Company belongs promotes measures for improving operational efficiency and productivity throughout the group. At the same time, it has made efforts to reduce overtime work and increase the ratio of employees taking annual paid leave with an aim to enrich not only work but also the lives of each employee.

In addition, it has established a by-the-hour annual paid leave system which is widely used for child rearing, family care, family events, community activities, health, hobbies and self-enlightenment.

Initiatives for the Health of Employees

Sekisui House Group to which the Asset Management Company belongs conducts stress checks aiming for primary prevention to protect people from mental distress by urging each employee to be aware of their stress, supporting the handling of said stress and improving the working environment. In addition, Sekisui House Group also subsidizes the expenses for influenza vaccinations, etc. besides annual check up.

Improvement of Operational Efficiency and Productivity Utilizing IT

The Asset Management Company has expanded the range of operational processes handled outside the company by utilizing smart devices.

Welfare Programs

The Asset Management Company strives to provide an environment where employees can enhance their motivation to work and demonstrate their skills through various welfare programs

  • Collaboration with welfare service providers
  • Employ stock ownership plan of Sekisui House Group
  • Qualification allowance system
  • Parental leave system
  • Family care leave system
  • Child care leave system
  • Employee award system
  • Congratulatory or condolence payment system
  • Short working hour system

TOPICSEncouraging male employees to take parental leave for more than one month

The Sekisui House Group, to which the Asset Management Company belongs, takes initiatives to promote diversity as a group of kids-first companies that are leaders in society in terms of childcare support. As one of these initiatives, we announced and began promoting “full male employee's parental leave acquisition for more than one month” on September 1, 2018.

  • All male employees entitled to take parental leave are encouraged to take the leave for more than one month with the first one month paid leave.
  • Promoting full paternity leave acquisition through company-wide initiatives
  • Developed internal support systems and provided training for supervisors and eligible employees, in order to ensure a smooth introduction

Governance Awareness Survey

Sekisui House Group to which the Asset Management Company belongs conducts a governance awareness survey every year targeting all group employees. Regularly conducting surveys on corporate ethics awareness and workplace environments provides an opportunity to exchange opinions in organizational units and focus efforts on creating a more open work climate.

Social Contribution Activities

Relief Donation

When large-scale natural disasters occur inside and outside Japan, Sekisui House’s CSR Department handles inquiries and asks employees to cooperate through the offering of relief donations used for rescue and restoration activities at the affected areas.


The Asset Management Company makes efforts to collect PET bottle caps and old stamps and to recycle calendars and notebooks.

Status of directors and employees

Item FY2018 (as of Aug. 31, 2018)
Total number of officers and employees 61(male 47, female 14)
  Number of directly hired employees 36 (male 28, female  8)
Number of seconded employees 15 (male 11, female  4)
Number of temporary stuffs 2
Ratio of female executives 5.3%
Average length of service 5.4 years
Number of newly hired employees 0
Number of employees taking child rearing leave 2
Number of employees taking family care leave 0
Number of short-term workers 2
  • The average number of years of continuous service, the number of new recruits, the health checkup participation rate, the number of employees taking childcare leave, the number of employees taking nursing care leave and the number of reduced work schedule employees are data for direct employees.
  • The average number of years of continuous service is calculated from totaling of the years of service of each employee before the merger.
  • The number of new recruits is calculated from February 1, 2018, the beginning of the accounting year of the Asset Management Company.

TOPICSRegistration in “COOL CHOICE” at SHAM

SHAM supports “COOL CHOICE”, a national campaign promoted by Ministry of the Environment as measures against global warming, and takes the following initiatives as environmental measures.


  • Maintaining moderate temperature settings on air conditioners
  • Promoting Cool Biz and Warm Biz
  • Promoting a paper-free environment for internal materials by using smart devices and a shared server
  • Stopped using paper cups in the company, making it a rule for individuals to bring their own cups

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