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Environmental Measures

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Introduction of environmentally friendly facilities

We have introduced environmentally friendly facilities, including solar power generation panels, LED lighting, and Low-e double-glazed windows which has heat shielding and heat insulating functions.

TOPICSCO2 reduction measure for residential properties

(As of October 31,2018)

Replacement of lights for common areas with LED lighting

Implemented at a total of 43

Comparison of general lighting and LED lighting
Total approx. 602t-CO2 annual reduction in greenhouse gas (CO2)emissions forecasted

  • Calculations made by SHAM based on materials provided by vendor entrusted with light fixture replacement

Promotion of energy-saving of air conditioners for common areas

Replaced at
a total of
units / AC

Comparison of air conditioning units with “two stars” energy efficiency and those with “four stars” energy efficiency
Total approx. 96t-CO2 annual reduction in greenhouse gas (CO2)emissions forecasted

  • Calculations made by SHAM based on materials, etc. released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry's Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

TOPICSCO2 reduction measures for commercial properties

~ Participated in the CO2 Reduction/ Lights-Down Campaign,
which is organized by the Ministry of the Environment ~

The Ministry of the Environment has annually carried out the CO2 Reduction/Lights-Down Campaign, which calls for people to turn off the lights of illuminated facilities as a countermeasure against global warming, around the summer solstice since 2003. From 2008, the ministry began to encourage participation in Cool Earth Day Lights Down on July 7, Star Festival Day, in addition to Lights-Down around the summer solstice. SHR approves of the purpose of this campaign and the commercial properties we own has participated in such measures since 2016.

Biodiversity Measures

Based on the “Gohon no ki” (Five Trees) Planning, which is promoted by Sekisui House as the sponsor of SHR, we conduct maintenance and management of planting and other greenery measures, basically by selecting tree species in consideration of ecosystems.

Gohon no ki” (Five Trees) Planning Promoted by Sekisui House

“Gohon no ki” (Five Trees) Planning is a Sekisui House original proposal for the creation of gardens and communities. In this planning, “Five Trees” indicates that Japanese indigenous trees will be promoted as “Select five native species, three trees for birds and two trees for butterflies.” We aim to co-exist with the surrounding nature and create a garden for which admiration will grow as time passes by planting indigenous trees that have close ties to the lives of living things and are in harmony with Japan’s climate.

TOPICSGotenyama Project, a large-scale complex with a green landscape based on the “Gohon no ki” (Five Trees) Planning

Gotenyama Project, which is comprised of Prime Maison Gotenyama East, Prime Maison Gotenyama West, Garden City Shinagawa Gotenyama and Gotenyama SH Building developed by Sekisui House, is highly evaluated by public institutions as an excellent example of greening trough urban regeneration because it has created a large-scale area of greenery that contributes to the natural restoration of the local area.

Major awards granted to the project

  • February 2012 Grand Prize for Greening Initiative at the Outstanding Greenery Project Awards
    Organizer : Shinagawa Ward Office, Tokyo
  • September 2012 The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Prize in the Rooftop Greening Division, at the Competition for Rooftops, Wall Facings and New Freen Spaces
    Organizer : Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure
  • October 2012 President Prize of the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure in the Green Community Development Division at the Urban Green Space Awards
    Organizer : Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure

Overview of Gotenyama Project

Location :
6-7-29 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Site area :
Approx. 28,000㎡(Total of four sites)
Overview of the buildings :

Promotion of green lease contracts

SHR has stipulated a provision concerning environmental consideration in lease contracts of owned properties concluded with some tenants and promotes green lease contracts that implement the reduction of environmental burden such as energy saving in cooperation with stakeholders through the sharing of data on amount of energy consumption.

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